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Embedded UML / Embedded Low Code

The Embedded UML and Embedded Low Code projects originate from the idea that model-driven software development for embedded systems offers a whole range of advantages for the constantly growing need for microcontroller solutions:

  • significant reduction in development time (time to market)
  • maximum portability and thus independence from certain controller families (manufacturers)
  • better maintainability, better consistent documentation
  • quick familiarization

Embedded low code should also be modeled graphically. However, a subset of symbols from the ISO-19505 and ISO19514 standards, i.e. the UML and SysML, must be used. In this context, the desired embedded low code solution should have no code capabilities in a wide range of applications.

Participate, community, source and tools

Everyone is invited to take part in this project. For everyone who makes a significant contribution, for example developing a driver class, the use of the sources and tools created in this project is free of charge for both private and commercial use.

Community and registration

The project is based on the technologies offered by the SiSy modeling tool. To get started with this technology, there is a DEMO of the tool. All those who actively work receive a corresponding license free of charge from the tool holder of SiSy Solutions GmbH.

SiSy seminars and consultation hours

Host, Sponsor

The project is actively hosted and supported by SiSy Solutions GmbH.